Wendy Whitbeck, Founder of Passport Stampers

I am an addict.  A travel addict that is.  As a kid growing up, my parent saw to it that we had a vacation away each and every summer.  Now my parents were not well off, so those trips could be camping trips, or trips to see relatives etc.  But they were trips away – escapes from the day to day.

As I got older and started my own family I longed to travel, but with a husband and three youngsters, it was just not that easy.  We did our best to do as my parents had, and took smaller trips annually. Eventually, the kids got older and more self sufficient and I began to venture out farther and farther from the nest.

Shortly before my husband passed away we took an amazing trip to France together.  Just the two of us.  It was really a life changing experience for me.  I knew that very moment that I would never again be happy with local jaunts and weekend get aways.  I wanted – needed – to see the world.  Some journeys I take alone, and some I let a kid or two join me.  But either way, I travel.  I explore.  And now I am going to share it with you…

Reach out to Wendy directly at wendy@passportstampers.com

Tanner Whitbeck – Social Media Manager and Travel Agent

Tanner is an experienced traveler for his age. At 26 years of age he has ventured to over 12 countries and sailed multiple cruises.

Tanner loves making friends and values a good time above all. As an avid car enthusiast and skateboarder, Tanner is all about chasing the fun wherever it goes and revels in anything that gets his adrenaline going, while still enjoying the finer aspects of travel like great food and awesome architecture. Tanner works hard, and plays way harder!

Reach out to Tanner directly at tanner@passportstampers.com

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