There are so many lines to choose from – which is the best for you? Tips, pros and con and more on choosing your next cruise line.

Carnival Cruise LinesCarnival is predominantly thought of as the party line. Great for the 20-40 year olds.
Pro: Some really great itineraries. Great onboard activities.
Cons: 15 drink per day with drink packages seems to annoy a lot of sailors.
Celebrity CruisesGorgeous ships, even if a bit dated. Celebrity features the finest of dining and shows.
Pros: Distinctive experiences featuring the best of dining and shows.
Cons: Pricing
Cunard Cruise LineFor the more discerning cruiser. Focus on fine food and wine and destinations that are prime for smaller ships.
Pros: Fantastic itineraries, classy gorgeous ships.
Cons: Can be expensive, not a lot of activities on board for younger sailors. No lobster served in the Britannia restaurants, only available in Queens Grill.
Holland AmericaDefinitely skews to the older traveler, though HA is trying their best to overcome this.
Pros: Very interesting ports and itineraries.
Cons: Onboard activities tend to be aimed at the much older crowd.
MSCA relative newcomer to the North America market, MSC has some of the newest and fanciest ships at sea. MSC tends to attract a large number of European travelers.
Pros: If you love Mediterranean style food this is the line for you. The ships are absolutely stunning. Great prices on drinks and drink packages.
Cons: If you are looking for American style dining you won’t be happy. A bit more formal than Carnival and NCL.
Norwegian Cruise LinesNCL is a very large cruise line – and are quite well known for offering “free” add ons to their prices.
Pros: Tons of fun onboard activities, great ship vibes, decent food on most ships. Tons of late night activities.
Cons: Tends to “nickel and dime” you with tons of additional prices on a large number of their activities. Food is really varied from ship to ship – with some being great and other inedible.
Princess CruisesFor the more selective cruisers, Princess offers top notch experiences.
Pros: High end dining, beautiful ships
Cons: Tends to be higher priced, not a lot of late night activities
Virgin VoyagesThis adult only cruise line is shaking up the market with their un-cruise themes and sailings. Gone is the buffet and over crowded main dining rooms. Sailors dine from a selection of specialty dining restaurants.
Pros: The adult oriented theme is fun and refreshing. The food is leaps and bounds above other lines in their class.
Cons: No drink packages, rather sailors purchase bar tabs. We found the drinks to be more expensive than lines such as MSC and even Cunard.

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