Being from Edmonton, I thought I would use this spot to shout out to a few of my favourite digs and dives.


Sumo Sumo Sushi, Sherwood Park.  Absolutely the best sushi in the area.  Be sure to try the volcano rolls!  OMG.

Bodega Tapas Bar.  Half price bottles of wine.  Need I say more?  The selection of wines changes daily, so even more reasons to stop in often.  Oh and be sure to have some tapas while you are at it.  It is really, really good and their prices are excellent.

The Rec Room, South Side.  This place is just so much fun! Be sure to try the race car simulator and the old school type games in the back corner.

Guru Indian Restaurant.  We have been coming here for years.  Still the best Indian food anywhere around.  Amazing.  Be sure to have the Chai tea as well.  It is worth the wait.

Check back next week for favourite things to do in the area.

Comment below: What are your favourite restaurants in Edmonton and area??


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