boat near a glacier in alaska

With 16 different tide water glaciers and surrounded by snow topped mountains, Glacier Bay offers up some amazing wildlife viewing opportunities as well as stunning scenery. This is the second port in our Cunard Queen Elizabeth sailing.

While cruising through the Bay, sailors can expect to see Sea Otters, whales and even porpoises. Humpback Whales have been known to frequent the entry waters to the Bay. The numbers of Sea Otters has rebounded in recent years, meaning they should be easily spotted.

One of the marvels to behold is the Grand Pacific glacier – which is rapidly shrinking…but that shrinkage is what grows the bay. Experts predict that at the current rate of shrinkage, the Park will have grown by 12 miles by 2025.

Once on shore, expect to see Moose, Brown Bears and Black Bears.

Stay tuned to our Facebook page for pics from this exciting port!

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