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  • Cruise Set Includes: 4 Pack Cruise Tags & 2 ID Badge Holders w/Black Cruise Lanyards. All NTONPOWER cruise tags come with a Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee
  • For Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruise Lines: Premium cruise baggage tag holders are great for Royal Caribbean and Celebrity. Your bags will be protected whether you’re going to the Bahamas or Europe
  • Durable Cruise Tags: 80% thicker than other cruise luggage tag holders. Made from extra strong braided stainless steel loops to prevent your tag detaching. And has a metal eyelet and made of super thick PVC clear material that keeps your tags safely attached to your luggage
  • Zip Top Seal: Protects your e-tags from rain or falling out, never have to worry about your luggage tags getting lost or wet
  • High Quality for Printed Paper Cruise Tags: These clear cruise luggage tag holders have been designed to easily fit/hold the printed paper boarding pass that are sent by the cruise lines. These wallets will fit your folded A4 documents, so no need to carry around a stapler or clear tape anymore


Use durable & reliable cruise luggage tags to assure your bags show up to your cruise cabin

After booking, the cruise line will send you an “etag.” You’ll be required to print this out and attach it to your luggage. Instructions
suggest using a stapler to affix your etag. We say, why leave it to chance for your week’s worth of clothes? Give your etags a reliable,
comfortable home with our popular tag holders.

Our narrow cruise ship luggage tag holders are designed to fit the narrow Royal Caribbean and Celebrity cruise ship Etags.

Just print out your luggage tags, and slip them inside the protectors, zip the top then attach them to your bag with the included metal
ties. Braided metal ties included! Each cruise tag holder comes with a strong braided stainless steel metal tie.

They easily attach just by screwing the threaded barrel connector tight, keeping your tag on your bag. Zip top closure! Each tag has a
unique zip top closure that will protect your tags from coming out or getting wet.

So much more happier using these than trying to tape or staple the paper tag to your luggage. It gives your peace of mind.

Package Includes:

2 x ID Badge Holders

4 x Narrow Cruise Luggage Tags Holders

4 x Stainless Loops

2 x ID Badge Holder Lanyards


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