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  • ✔ SUPER POWERFUL – Amazing strong, sturdy and reliable magnetic hooks with 1.32 inches wide and 2 inches long, made of high grade latest generation of ‘magnetic king’ i.e. super Nd-Fe-B, it offer more than 22lb attractive force under a thick wild steel. Permanent heavy duty magnetic hook, strong magnetism lasts forever!
  • ✔RELIABLE COATING -We offer 3 layers’ coating of ‘Niickel+Copper+Nickel’ on the steel base and hook. It features an excellent wash ability that substantially reduce residual dust and foreign objects, it achieves low cost and high functionality. It provides significantly high moisture resistance, salt water resistance and electric insulation. It also exhibits outstanding thermal resistance. Maintenance free, no rust!
  • ✔ HIGH QUALITY –Routine dimensional/visual checking were performed in the CNC Machines flow line, defective pieces such as surface flaw, crack or oversized products were checked and picked out at the first place. Dimensions, flux and surface of sold products was sampling checked and sorted in our factory. We guarantee every product was made under ISO 9001 Quality Systems!
  • ✔ VERSATILE USE- After a precise simulation and calculation, this super strong neodymium 22 lb magnetic hooks was endowed with a strong capability for holding of various items in your bathroom, kitchen, living room, indoor, outdoor and workshop wherever there are iron or steel.
  • ✔100% “NO BREAK” MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE – If you are not happy with your purchase, you can return them for a full refund or replacement. We stand behind the quality of our magnetic hooks and are confident you will LOVE them. Click “Add To Cart” now.


The Neosmuk magnetic hook consists mainly of neodymium(a rare-earth element), iron and boron, and take full advantage of Neomsuk’s state-of-the-art magnetic powder metallurgy technologies. So far, a maximum energy product of 414KJ/m3(52MGOe) has been attained.

Reduce light rare earth material and avoid using heavy rare earth elements with a high risk of uneven distribution or market fluctuations, such as Nd(neodymium),Dy(dysprosium), and pioneer a new magnetic property range equivalent to or better than those of the world’s highest level high-power materials that have been achieved so far-this is an essential initiative for establishing a sustainable and stable supply system for low cost high power magnet.

Our neodymium magnet achieved the world’s highest levels of residual magnetic flux density Br, intrinsic coercive force Hcj and (BH)max. A wide variety of magnetic characteristics provides a choice of most suitable type, enabling drastic down-sizing, slimming, and increased power of magnet applied devices.

As a manufacturer providing abundant know-how on magnetic circuit designs as well as high-quality, high performance magnets, we positively support the acceleration and optimization of product designs using magnets



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