Flavors designed to complement each other…and you!

Looking for a gourmet food gift on a budget? This is it! We’ve combined our irresistible fresh fruit with savory treats in flavors and textures designed to work together in one perfect gift. Creamy D’Anjou Pears, easy-peel Honey Sweet Tangerines and crisp Orchard Apples are the fresh foundation of this gift.

Along with shipping the best citrus from Florida and freshest fruit from our orchards, we’ve added delightful accompaniments. The Aged Cheddar Cheese is a classic pairing with the apples and pears, while the Deluxe Mixed Nuts provide contrasting crunch to the juicy, sweet Tangerines. Traditional Cheese Straws are irresistible on their own or with anything else.

This gift is so affordable, you can send it to anyone on your list: friends, family and neighbors alike.

  • Citrus and fruit variety gift
  • Savory treats include cheese, nuts and cheese straws
  • Shipped fresh from Florida
  • Affordable gift
  • Great flavor pairings



  • 2 Honey-Sweet Tangerines
  • 4 D’Anjou Pears
  • 2 Orchard Apples
  • 5 oz. Original Cheese Straws
  • 2 oz. Deluxe Mixed Nuts
  • 8 oz. Aged Cheddar Cheese


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