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Need some great ideas for the person that raised you? Mother’s Day is May 9th. Check out some the unique items we have discovered on Amazon and because they ship Prime you’ll get them in time for the big day!

  1. This adorable, waterproof beach bag. This waterproof and sandproof bag featuring gorgeous tropical pineapples can be ordered from Amazon – and right now there is a $5 off coupon!

2. Gorgeous Canvas foldable travel duffel. Perfect to pack inside her suitcase for those overweight rescues!

3. Travel Planner & Journal. This awesome vacation planner is good for 4 trips with checklists, itineraries & more.

4. World Map Scratch Off Poster. Great pictorial way to journal mom’s travels.

5. Safe travels key chain and bracelet. Keeps your best wishes with mom at all times.

6. Super handy set of luggage scales. Don’t pay those overweight fees again!

7. Four piece transparent bag set. Perfect for shampoos, cosmetics and more!

8. Portable door lock. Bring that extra measure of safety to mom’s travels with the fantastic lock she can take on the road.

9. Brilliant phone charging passport case! We all love a multipurpose gift!

10. Double layer, inverted umbrella. Perfect size to take on the go.

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