• WEIGHT:8oz
  • AGED:4-6 weeks to enhance flavor & tenderness
  • PACKAGING:Individually wrapped & vacuum sealed
  • INDIVIDUALLY REGISTEREDwith its own unique registration number – guaranteeing uncompromising quality
  • GIFT BOX:Delivered in a classic black & gold gift box

Product is flash frozen before shipping to lock in flavor and will arrive frozen or partially thawed



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USDA Prime Burgers – Only the Top 2% of Beef Qualifies

Our extra-thick steak burgers made with USDA Prime steak trimmings are juicy and flavorful, for the best experience in every bite. With only the top 2% of beef in the US qualifying, these aren’t just any burgers; they’re gourmet burgers perfect for that special occasion and exceptional meal. You’ll love grilling these ½ pound burgers and can impress everyone at your next big barbecue! These burgers are packed with protein from real beef for mouth-watering flavor.

Perfected Aging Techniques

Here at Chicago Steak Company we age our gourmet burgers from four to six weeks using artisan aging techniques that bring out the best flavor in your burger and keep them juicy and tender. These USDA Prime steak burgers are no exception, getting aged to perfection in Chicago Steak Company’s aging rooms.

Dressed To Impress…and Arriving Fast

Your USDA Prime steak burgers from Chicago Steak Company will ship right to your door, dressed to impress in vacuum-sealed packaging and a beautiful black and gold gift box to house your gourmet burgers. 

  • 8 half pound USDA Prime steak burgers
  • Made from USDA Prime steak trimmings
  • Aged 4-6 weeks
  • Only the top 2-3% of beef qualifies to be USDA Prime


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