I’ll go first by telling you about my favorite excursion – the Monkey and Sloth Park Adventure in Roatan, Honduras. I was travelling on the MSC Meraviglia and booked through Viator. When docking in Roatan you have to leave the cruise terminal altogether and walk up a light hill where you will find all of the travel guides lined along the side of the road, holding up signs with their clients’ names on them. We quickly found ours, and the lovely lady led us to her air conditioned car (thankfully cause it was some kinda hot) and we were off!

We went to the Sloths first – and we were not disappointed. We were introduced to spider monkeys that climbed all over us, to baby monkeys, to macaws, and on and on…then at long last the highly anticipated sloths! The super docile, cuddly sloths go from tourist to tourist holding on to each. And I have to say it was such a fantastic experience.

There are tons of other activities to take part in as well – chocolate tasting, rum tasting, ziplining and the list goes on

To checkout a sloth excursion go here:

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